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It is more comfortable for everyone to think that we can get good results with minimal effort. In terms of health, we adopt most the drugs solution to relieve pain and less we rely on ourselves to make recovery easier and more efficient.

Routine, but frequent back pain due to sitting on a chair, driving  or standing are often neglected and we get in the situation by resorting to surgeries that are followed by intensive rehabilitation sessions.

"Medical Rehabilitation made on time, medium-term and long-term, with a specialized personnel with experience in the field, reduces considerably the cases in which it is indeed required surgery." says Dr. Raluca Tugui, Specialist in Medical Rehabilitation.

15% of cases of temporary incapacity to work in the European Union are related to back injuries. This statistic can be changed by changing our attitude and mentality, all those that we face with joints and back pains, and by allocating the time necessary for supporting a recovery program to stop the evolution of disease and to reduce considerably the pains caused by it.

"The rehabilitation made correctly improves both patient health status and quality of life, to become more active, stronger, and happier. The specialists with whom I work at Motivation Clinic are people involved, who do their work with passion and are concerned with improving the standing of the rehabilitation methods which they practice. "reveals Dr Raluca Tugui.

Whether we mention the back pain, joints pain, or various disabilities due to injury, the key is the combination of experienced specialists of succeeding in the field with its own effort and willpower.

Therefore, at Motivation Medical Rehabilitation Clinic , the treatment is differentiated, customized and followed by the same specialist. To ensure that you, our Patient can benefit from the more efficient way to recover.